No AI craft on VFR map?

I noticed the new VFR map does not show any AI aircraft. Anyone else experiencing this?

I think you should have this as a suggestion.

Im pretty sure its a map not radar…

The VFR map showed AI aircraft until it was “upgraded” in the last update. I understand it is not a radar :smirk:.

Just wondering if that feature will be implemented again.

The In-Cockpit VFR map has never showed any other aircraft, and I’ve been on AI Offline Traffic since August launch. Is this in Multiplayer?

If you would like to see AI traffic on a “Live Map” so to speak, install Little Nav Map and connect it to the sim while it’s running. You’ll see both Marine and Air Traffic around you and can even hover over them to see callsigns, alt/speed, origin/dest etc.

Pretty sure it does, although if you zoom out past a certain point they won’t show up along with Navaids.

The G1000 will show AI / Live traffic when zoomed out to 50NM. After that, it doesn’t.

If you’re at 50NM and not seeing anything, then it means you likely don’t have working traffic atm. It’s easy enough to tell as if you’re on the radio with ATC for IFR or flight following, you won’t hear ATC talk to anyone but you.

The few times I’ve loaded into the sim since the last patch, whether I had other traffic was roughly a 50-50 thing.

I’m on the WT G3000.

Here’s a view of the MFD.

And here’s crossing traffic headed Northbound

Go figure.

Ahhh… Yeah, that’s an issue with the WT G3000. For the last several versions (since 3.4 I believe - when they added the split screen), there’s been no traffic showing. That was one of their features they were planning on adding back in, but likely won’t now that they’ve been swallowed into the Microsobo Collective.

We’re going to have to wait for their work to make it into the sim before seeing traffic on their G3000 again.

I was talking about the pop up VFR map. It used to show AI traffic (I almost exclusively use Live traffic). Is it my imagination or does it look different after the update?

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