No AI traffic in VR

Hi I do not see any AI Traffic when in VR anyone have the same issue?


I have seen very little AI traffic lately, and I fly in VR. I do see aircraft along the route sometimes, but on approach lately there’s usually nobody around.

I have seen just the opposite in the past, where I tried to land at a large airport like CLT and would get cleared to land and then someone would overtake me from behind and just fly right through me. Also the odds of being told to go around were around 80%. Now, it’s pretty quiet. Not sure which I like better :grinning:

Same here; I was wondering what was going on; I get lots of static, but no moving al when slider put at 100%?

sorry I meant no AI traffic on the roads but yes no AI traffic in the air too! haha

Check your traffic settings. They are separate for VR and may have been turned off for some reason. Also, I found that you can set AI and real-time airline traffic in your flighplanning stage when choosing flight conditions. But in “general settings” there’s a Traffic setting too for online/AI and real-time traffic.

awesome thanks, yes that was it!

Ok, thank-you; I was unaware of that re: flight planning stage, also will insure I am in VR settings for traffic; was at EGKK and 0 moving. I don’t get road vehicles. Is there a big frame rate hit when moving aircraft AI is chosen?

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