No Airbus AI (Live) Aircraft


I’m not seeing any airbus models for the AI traffic any more. (Live traffic). By this I mean the yellow, white/green and neo livery ones. Is everyone else still seeing them? As you see in the image, I see the nameplate, but not the aircraft model. I have tried with “use generic aircraft for AI” on and off but still they don’t appear. If anyone could confirm that it is just me, I’ll look further into it. I did briefly use the mod “easy-airlines-aircraft-matching-with-default-live-traffic” and then removed it and I am suspecting it is something to do with that.


Stop the sim, delete Content.xml and the Easy Live Traffic and restart. What happens then?

Thanks, do you know where I can find the content.xml file?

…It’s getting pretty late here in the UK, I will give that a go in the morning! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Think I’ve found it - in the “local cache” folder under the main installation folder - is that the right one?

Yes, that should be it assuming you used default installation path when MSFS first installed.

Thanks for the help, will give it a go in the morning and report back.

Try to use this mod instead. It doesn’t do as much detail as that easy airlines mod, but it’s sitting at the base level underneath it, so in case there’s no matching traffic models, it’ll load the default A320 instead with matching liveries if you have them.

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Thanks, what had happened was that I’d deleted the default ASOBO A320 from the content manager as I only use the FBW one. Seems you need the default one for the AI a320s. Thanks.