NO Airliners in this Sim after almost 2years

Hi everyone! MSFS came out 1.5 five years ago and we still don’t have a single study-level aircraft.
Actually there’s one airplane (the CRJ) wich is pretty good for me but is anyway missing a lot of core functionality (like radar for example). Every developers is complaining about this, telling us that the state of this “game” (it’s not yet a sim for me) doesn’t allows them to procede and release good aircrafts.
Am I the only one who think that after 1.5 years this sounds really unfair?
This is the evidence that the game has been release in an excessive early state.
Am I the only one who think that this should not be legal? (Can you sell a game in alpha state, and keep breaking it after every update trying to finishing it after almost 2 years!?)
Am I the only one who’s thinking to reinstall P3D or X-Plane to be able to flight some good aircraft?
Please tell me I’m not the only one.
Thank you so much!


Thats just not true.

Besides that, i dont understand where you think this post will lead to… was it really necessary to open a new topic for this? Im sure you can find an existing one to share your personal toughts.


Best to just ignore and let it slide down the screen into obscurity.

I’m off to fly the FBW A320 Neo which apparently doesn’t exist.


It is.
At least for the one who are trying to develop good aircrafts. Everyone is complaining about the sdk state, awful debug system, lack of possibility to implement some core sysystems, sim-breaking updates… and so on. I think you are bad informed.

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Yeah, or the CRJ, which he even says he likes, but according to the title, does also not exist…

Also calling himself „Gamer“ and complaining that a software for entertainment running on a PC is „only a game“ is kinda pathetic…

The whole post is weird….


It’s not a study level, it doesn’t even has VNAV. I like it, but it’s not what I’m talking about.

Still not true. Repeat it a few times, maybe it becomes true then…

There are lots of good aircraft, obviously just not the one you are looking for. Stop projecting your personal opinion on „everyone“ and present it as a fact.


The real world CRJ doesn’t have VNAV either. There is a “cheat” in the CRJ where you can enable it, but it wouldn’t be realistic if you did.

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I think you need to take a few deep breaths, have a jam sandwich and work out what you are talking about…


Well, the real CRJ has an option for VNAV, its just not very widespread, but airlines can order it with a VNAV update.

Fair enough.

Well we can all say it is not that bad … but it is

MODERN airliners

CRJ ( so so and still a lot of bugs SINCE MARCH )
A320 … great FBW … but not complete at all
787 … default but improvement mod ( limited )
747 … default but improvement mod ( limited )
777 … ■■■■
767 … ■■■■
737Max … ■■■■

Thats a poor score after all this time

Lots in development … but most are waiting for Asobo to fix stuff first.

I think this us very poor since the majority of the people want to fly the airliners. We have enough General aviation with steam gauges or ones that use Asobo NX1000 for example.

Also lots off fighter jets that not even come close to simulating anything … except a halve baked flight model and VISUALS ( luckily we have DCS :slight_smile: )

As soon as an FMC is needed it ends :frowning:

Sure thing will come … but i agree with OP this is taking way to long

Hence …aerofly on the IPAD is almost more “studylevel” :crazy_face: … and that is a big disgrace!


CRJ is not a study level.
A20N from FBW is not a study level; it’s not even finished; it lacks a lot of functions and systems.
I don’t understand why you are negating that almost every developer is complaining about the SDK and the breaking update; I will post the links in wich you can find this informations; this is not a secret.
I’ve been flying in sims for 25 years:
Gamer is just a name tag.
There are NOT study level aircrafts after 1.5 years from release.
This is weird, not my post;)

I don’t like sandwiches. And I perfectly know what I’m talking about. There are no study level aircrafts after 1.5 years because no one is able to develop them until Asobo completes the SDK and fix many issues of the game.

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DC6… just saying


FENIX A320 will be study level and they have never complained about the SDK, quite the opposite:

“We’re very happy with the direction of MSFS and its respective development tools – Sim Update 7 has improved our ability to quickly iterate new testing builds, and overall our development rate has accelerated significantly as new updates release for the title.”

Also, just wait a bit, developing “study level” airliners for a whole new platform is no easy task! PMDG is only a few months away, the FENIX probably too… just relax a little. Your post will not speed up the challenging development task in any way.

It IS possible to develop “study level” planes. Working titles CJ4, the FBW, the CRJ, the DC6… They might all not have every single feature possible already, but it IS possible, it is just a matter of time…


What you wrote is full of “will be”, “probably”, “next months”, “wait a bit”, “just a matter of time”, few moths away”…
This was good a year ago, not anymore. I’m already relaxed, I’m just talking about the fact that Asobo released an early alpha game; we have been testing this for a full year, and we paid for that. This is wrong. If you have no problem about this, that’s why they will keep doing such things.


Asobo sold you a flight simulator. To fly virtual planes on a PC, which you can do. They didnt sell you “Study level” airliners like FENIX or PMDG. What you wish, is not what you have paid for…

But whatever, waste of time to talk here…


The DC-6 is clearly a study level airliner, so the argument falls apart right there.

Additionally, you’ve never had a “working” weather radar in any sim before. You’ve had a screen that draws arbitrary red blotches, and then you’ve played the game of going around those blotches. Those blotches have never resembled the shape, arrangement, or behavior of real convective weather before, so no real-world weather avoidance strategies applied. It was just an exercise of “dodge the red”, which is not exactly how real life works.

This sim actually has the ability to render convective weather “pretty good”; certainly not perfect but better than we’ve ever had. Thus, wx radar / datalink displays actually resemble real life. That’s the first time a desktop sim has been able to do that.

I’m anxious for the NG3 myself, but… it’ll take as much time as it’ll take. Nothing much to do about it.


There are issues with the SDK, there’s no doubt about that, but it is usable, it’s not especially well documented, and developer mode is problematic since SU7.

I think what many people fail to realise is how long it takes to build accurate models. The Rick Piper 748 which was FS9 / FSX was in development for almost 18 months. The Vanguard panel alone took a year and that was FS9!

This is 2021 and it isn’t possible to just knock something up in a year. Take the Aerosoft Twotter for example. Which is at a technical level a basic aircraft.

It’s often not the modelling that’s taking the time, but the programming and coding of the systems and flight models.

And if you are a commercial company you’re having to satisfy customers in XP, P3D and MSFS.

The FS9 SDK was broadly similar to FS8, so you had a lot of aircraft that were easy to update. FSX / early P3D version we’re similar enough that there was lots of cross over.

If you look at P3Dv5, which was a huge update to that platform, it took years for some of the v4 models to be updated for v5.

If a developer puts something out now that isn’t what the community now seem to be calling “study level” (I hate that phrase) then they get absolutely panned. Back in FS9 (arguably the heyday) you got lots of developers making all sorts of unusual aircraft. There haven’t been any since, because it’s really not that straightforward to make models now. The expectation has gone through the roof.