No airport anywhere will load, loading screen freezes at the last 5th of the bar

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No addons, no marketplace addons either

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I can’t load any airport, anywhere in the world. Sim freezes at the last 5th of the loading bar.

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I just start the sim, click on an airport and hit fly

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CPU: Intel i7 9700
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB

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This sim was working 100% fine yesterday and Tuesday. But when I started up this morning this issue happened. If I select any airport, hit fly, it just freezes at the last 5th of the loading bar, I waited 5-10 minutes and nothing happened. Task manager says the sim isn’t responding.

I haven’t touched the sim since yesterday, I did nothing to the files since yesterday.

I removed all my addons, still happens. I deleted and did a fresh rebuild of the MSFS folder in app data, still happens.

I’m currently redownloading the fs-base package, just in case it has something to do with the scenery files.

That didn’t work.

I just did a fresh reinstall. Deleted everything related to the sim and redownloaded, it’s still happening. What the hell? The sim worked fine on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If I select like the middle of ocean, I can get to the cockpit, but then sim immediately locks up there.

Sigh, I’ll wait for this hotfix to happen and see if that does anything.

Well I narrowed it down, if I have bing satellite data on, I can’t load into a flight, the sim just freezes at the loading screen. this is very strange.

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Spoke too soon. I need data off completely or I can’t load into the world.
If I reenable Data while in flight, I can go a good 5 minutes before it freezes.

I also made a zendesk report

Logging out and back into my X-Box account somehow fixed this.