No ATC Audio only Text scrolling

I use to have Audio but not anymore, WHY?
If I load up P3D no problem with Audio. So why do I not have it with FSMS2020? It use work fine!

Robert Catherall

There is a setting about ATC voice

I’ve had the same issue but it isn’t consistent from one session to the next. If I shut down and restart the sim it will then work but I haven’t figured out if it is dependent on which plane or audio selections I’ve made.

If you see scrolling text, then you’ve tuned the radio to an airport ATIS. Just tune back to the ground/tower/other frequency and you’re good.

There is a bug where the ATIS scroll is still shown when you’ve changed frequency though, but that usually resolves itself after a few seconds.

I Robert
MFS2020 basic works with English language radio change and load English US Windows Language. Prerequisite : Select and choose other Language for Windows 10
Attention keep your windows and your keyboard in your language
Run MFS2020 : Main DESKTOP FS2020
Start a flight you should now hear ATC control

I cant figure this one out guys… it worked fine till the last update. All my other head sets work perfect with fs20 atc. My flight sim headset works fine for discord, youtube and racing feedback but drops the fs20 atc volume to barely hear it. Its like fs20 is independently configuring each headset. Ive tried all the settings still no joy

ok i switched default sound outputs in windows a few times while restarting ms20 till all audio played clear thru headphones. then changed w10 default audio for main speakers and headphone communication. changed fs20 audio to communications and everything works correctly…

was this ever fix? I can’t here atc anymore and everything is set right!
It’s has to be because of some “azzure” issues!

oh yea… i fixed it… re-installed the sim… dont know why it quit or know how to fix it… sorry man… wish i had the fix… im sure it will happen again…

I guess there are some problems related to azure which don’t have there course in the local PC.
A few days ago there was a big lag to written Text in the box and actual hearing it (20 seconds)
I would guess that was MS Server related, because some hours later all was back to normal without changing anything

Tnx 4 that Goose, I didnt stop to think it was something on the server side. I started jerking wires and throwing stuff. then did a re-install and started over… by the time i did all that they fixed it on their end… LMAO…next time i’ll just go race my car for a day…