No ATC or instructor voices


I can no longer hear ATC or instructor voices in MSFS2020. It was working fine until today. All other aircraft sound work fine. Voices Volume is set to 100%.



Check Options–>Assistance–>ATC Voices

Just checked that, ATC voices are on.
Nav radio morse code identifications work. Is there a way to turn up intercom or COM 1 volumes?

Re-selecting the default Playback sound output device in Windows Sound Control Panel fixed the problem.

I have same problem… but reselecting default device didnt work… I hear atc and instructor in background but that too little… any ideas what to do?

I also uninstalled game and installed it back but nothing changed still no ATC, please help

…ok problem fixed windows somehow keeps my seating from my soundbar on 5.1 however i switched to stereo speakers at my flying desk

maybe this will help someone