No ATC or pulldown airway routes

Hi i have no ATC whatsoever , only nearest airport list if im in flight , ive heard of no sounds on atc but i get nothing whatsoever , both my comms say of , even with everything turned on in aircraft , yes i have the correct language set on my p.c , makes no odds wetather using azure or not , Also all the atc in assists are on , all atc on in settings , how frustrating , . Ive been using sim a year im not new . Also if i set my departure airport and arrival airport and choose low/high altitude ifr the usual options on the pull down menus are not there , just automatic or direct . You norm get a few choices of departure routes, arrival routes with waypoints , . I have none of these? what has happened please . Please dont answer with , why not use simbrief , im aware of this and know , but thats besides the point . Help please someone, ive googled it and it appears im the only one in the world with these two probs .

Did you recently uninstall or remove Navigraph?

Hi yes I did from add and remove as I thought this may be the issue?

Hi yes I did from add and remove as I thought that could be the issue , I do have a naphigraph account so guess it’s still lingering , I’m a bit worried as want to start using vatsim etc , but I’m guessing that should still be OK, I’ll try doing a simbrief flight plan and import that . Still don’t get why I get no atc nor any low/high altitude options apart from direct or automatic ,
Many thanks , hope I’ve given you enough info . Jim.

Try installing and uninstalling it using NavCenter.

Failing that, make a copy of Content.xml, delete it and restart the sim.

This is a symptom of an improper/failed uninstall of Navigraph.

Ok thanks for your help , I couldn’t find an uninstall in navigraph, but guess I’m just looking in wrong place , I used add remove , but also went into navigraph folders and deleted them all to recycle bin and emptied that.
Regards jim

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