No ATC voices - not even with "Windows Offline" settings?

Dear all,

I believe that since the latest upgrade I don’t hear any ATC voices anymore - no “text to speech”. All other audio is fine.

First I thought that this is yet another problem with the Azure online services (there was an issue with this about a week ago or so), but this time it is different:

  • First off all, switching the Sound / Text-to-Speech Settings to “Windows offline” (which I can select, because I do have the English text-to-speech package installed) does not help either
  • Second and most interestingly, selecting an ATC option almost immediatelly prompts an answer from the ATC, which on its turn is also immediatelly (with a very short delay, like a quarter a second or so) finished, letting me choose an answer or the next option - as if no attempt at all was made to actually invoke the “text-to-speech” engine

Last week the problem was almost the opposite: with the Azure option enabled the answer from ATC took ages (presumably due to network timeouts). This time - no matter whether I choose “Azure” or “Windows Offline” - I can almost “click through” all ATC requests and answers, without (almost) no delay.

Is there yet another setting somewhere which enables/disables the ATC voices? My current SOUND settings are as follows:

I am online (West Europe) and also do see other players (which confirms that “online” works). My relevant DATA settings:

Any ideas? Can anyone confirm whether ATC voices works for you or not?

Thank you!

P.S. Forum administrators: I deliberately did not post this yet in the “Bugs” forum as I am not sure whether that is actually a bug, or rather a “local problem” (possibly even a PEBKAC issue ;)). But feel free to move it as appropriate.


Other settings that I just checked respectively enabled:

  • ACCESIBILITY / Subtitles: now enabled (again): but they do not appear either when talking to ATC
  • MISC / Language: EN-US / Units of Measurement: U.S. SYSTEM (both unchanged and as expected)

Developer mode is turned OFF. I do have a HOTAS WARTHOG Thrustmaster Throttle and Stick attached, in case that matters

Hi @Steeler2340,
To keep the forum organized, I’ve moved your topic into the #bugs-and-issues for seeking help.
Thank you.

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Aaaaaaand… it was a PEBKAC issue!

While I was checking all my settings after the upgrade (some got indeed changed again “automagically”) I must have accidentally disabled the option… (drum rolls)…


Why ATC Voices is placed here, and not under GENERAL / SOUND… oh well… must be a great user experience :wink:


Thank you for explaining what the issue was. Others might not have been so honest. :+1: :clap:

got me guys… it worked fine till the last update. All my other head sets work perfect with fs20 atc. My flight sim headset works fine for discord, youtube and racing feedback but drops the fs20 atc volume to barely hear it. Its like fs20 is independently configuring each headset. I dont get it…

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