No ATC, VOR flight planning or VFR Map

Help!! Been abroad for several months. Having updated MSFS it appears to work except I no longer have any communications or VOR to VOR flight planning options. When I try to select VOR to VOR in flight planning, I get a message that VOR to VOR is not available. In the cockpit when trying using the ATC there are no options for any communications. The VFR map is blank. I assume an update has broken something but I have not found any answers yet.

I can only tell about VFR map as the rest is working normally in my case (whatever to call “normal” as ATC in general is going to get a rework).

If you toggle VFR map it will take a fair amount of time to get displayed since some SUs (starting wit 7 I think) - it will first need some seconds to draw its frame which is empty, then after like 5 seconds+ you will see the map and after some more seconds it will display your flight path. That only applies the first time you load it on a flight.

So open it the next time and wait like 20 seconds to load for the first time :wink:

If you are a Navigraph user, remove and reinstall Navigraph NavData using the NavData Center. This is usually a sign that the sim was updated without removing Navigraph first per vendor SOP.