No avionics since the last update

I just downloaded the latest update and none of the glass gauges and A/P are working in any of the aircraft. They will not turn on.

Do you use Working Title mods?

Yes, I use the mods.

Remove them. Especially the G3X. The Vl-3 doesnt show anything with that mod loaded. Will have to wait till the whole suite is updated. I think the G3000 is already updated.

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Thank you alll

I’m having this bug randomly.

For example the TB21 have a black screen but the PA-28 from JF worked fine, both with latest gns530 mode

Despite my stupid low, unplayable fps, I’m trying to diagnose the bugs today, and I’m seeing this as well. Known issues in the patch notes say this may happen “rarely” and to restart the flight if it does.

Well I’ve got no mods / liveries installed (community folder is empty) and none of the G1000 / G3000 planes are showing their screens, regardless how often I restart the flight.

Just when I thought Asobo had ■■■■■■ up the sim as bad as they could, they’ve proven me wrong and taken it one step farther.

The more I try to make this dumpster fire work, the more frustrating it gets to deal with. And this means another 3.5 weeks (assuming they fix the issues next patch) that I can’t use my sim. Seeing how Seb’s reaction to the mention of a hotfix in a Q&A came with about the same look and enthusiasm 9 out of 10 men will get when they’re told they need a prostate exam, I’m not counting on that happening.


I cannot get the GPS to turn on in the new Just Flight Piper Arrow. I did remove the GPS mods.

I have caught the bug too. Mooney and Arrow both inop on the electrical side and not just the GPS either. Usual fixes tried, but it does take a while to reboot and get back for another check, so all in all a frustrating afternoon. I may as well have been at work.

I’m having this problem as well and have disabled all mods. In the TBM at least, I just do a re-start (using same flight info) and all seems to load properly. However I’m having issues with the AP and unable to properly catch the approach with either ILS or VNAV. All landings must be done manually now, which I don’t mind as long as the weather permits but takes a lot of the fun out of flying in foul weather.

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