No boats / ships visible

Hey guys! Am I the only one who can’t see boats or ships? Doesn’t matter if I Set it to 1 oder 100, I never saw a small boat or a ship. Cars drivin’ just as good as my wife but would like to see some 3d boats.
Specs: i7 8700K, 32GB RAM, RTX 2080 OC, 500 GB SSD

Thanks forward for your respond


Apparently your wife went the same driving school as mine. :crazy_face::crazy_face:. There are definitely boats/ships around. I found a cruise ship sitting just off a beach in northern Italy. (Sitting just off the beach is a thing that needs fixing, but it was there. I’ll see if I can find the screenshot and see where it was located.

Guess all of them go to the same driving school :sweat_smile:
Yeah would be nice if you could send me a screenshot :slight_smile:

The only screenshot I have is from beta, and we’re still not allowed to share those. But even then there weren’t tons of them around. But I’ll check tomorrow and see if I can go back over the same area And see if it’s still there.

saw a LNG ship near the San Juan Islands in Washing


no boats either - all set to 95 -> no boats on the Adria, on the Bodensee on the Balaton … I hope they will fix it. sailboats on lakes are like trees in the wood. they just belong there


If you don’t know it, then Henrik Nielsen and others made a global ship pack for Fsx and P3D, and today he showed this message and picture, so looks like ship traffic is possible to do in MSFS.
Today Knud managed to bring the first of our ships into MSFS. As this model is done exactly as most of the ships in the project this means that we expect the project can live on in MSFS


Hi. No boats on Soth America From paralel 37 to Cabo de Hornos in southern Patagonia. Somone knows how to fix these problem?

Never saw any ship in the sim - even with 100% boat traffic


Got to France, choose La Teste de Buch and enjoy the ships in the nearby bay …

In some locations there are up to 10 ships cruising around. I don’t know what it depends on …

Yup, it all depends on where you go. San Francisco Bay usually has a large number of ships, yachts, and smallcraft. Some of the ships are static–there’s always a stationary LPG tanker near the Golden Gate–but most are free-roaming. OTOH, I’ve flown the length of the Atlantic Coast of Florida and seen only 1 or 2 at large intervals. I have never seen any moving traffic in the Mississippi River, even between and in the major ports of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. All that’s there are a few static ships always tied to the same docks.

I would assume the moving yachts and smallcraft work on a similar system to road traffic. But the boat system obviously doesn’t have photo-derived roads from which to determine where to put boats, how many to put there, and which way to make them go. Thus, I figure the devs have to define “boat roads” by hand. They seem to have done this in some places but not others.

I’ve bee using his pack since first versions. Great news indeed!!!

Isn’t that where the new AI comes in? to ‘define’ that for the whole world? I can’t imagine they did that for all normal roads by hand.

To me missing leisure boats and empty marinas (with sunken ships fom sat image) is a real bummer! i hope they find something for it. it makes the world so much more alive (than it is already!)

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I have never seen any mention that the auto-gen AI uses publicly available sources for where the dredged channels of harbors are, nor that it knows anything about the maritime “rules of the road”. It can see roads, which it can recognize from satellite pics if not always correctly identify as to importance and populate with a semi-suitable amount of cars and trucks going in more or less the right directions. But it seems to have no frame of reference for water traffic. Thus, I think that’s all being done by hand.

Completely agree.

i can not say there is AI in place at the moment for (inland leisure) boats. However, Since boats are on water :wink: and AI is used for the definition of the waterclass the AI can be made/used for this purpose. I think some simple rules are needed. And there are 2 types of placement. Static (based on sat image) and autogenerated/moving.

  • Region ( defines type of boats for that region)
  • are there ship images/contours detected on a waterway… then this would imply that AI traffic can generate ships moving.
  • Traffic rules could be kept simple. Depending on the width of the waterway it could be made two-way or one-way. Rules are almost always the same, keep right.
  • If there is a large body of water (lake). then let the AI move the ships in random patterns.
  • on a water area is there a contour found on the unlying satelite image… then match the outline of that boat with a corresponding size/contour static boat. (this would help filling in the marinas which are all now sunken images). I think they use some sort of AI for House placement. Why not define a new ‘building’ that is called boat/ship :slight_smile:

i could go on… but i’m only saying, with some basic effort (in my humble opinion) you could get more ships in the FS world.

Same. The only ships i’ve seen is in youtube videos. Not even seen even a rowboat. Supposed to be 1-2 medium sized cruiseliners on average most of the time in Stockholm city but nothing there either. I’ve crossed the pacific (Hawaii, Fiji) nothing there. Gonna check out Rotterdam, Frisco harbor and other major ports later on to see if there is anything at all.

I’ve seen boats randomly here and there. I was flying in Aden, Yemen, this morning and spotted 3 yachts. Then did a flight around Ibiza, Spain, and saw several more. There don’t seem to be tons of them, but I have seen them.

I know what you mean. I cranked up ships and pleasure craft to max and flew over the Channel Islands between YVR and Victoria which has real heavy ferry traffic and there was nothing. I did see some ships however in Southampton UK and a couple near EGLC . Looks like they have chosen just a few places. We need a worldwide AI shipping but that will probably be an add on.

Wonder if they managed to look at the BGL traffic files of the sim

Try flying out of KSFO in San Francisco there are some ferries moving around there.