No borderless pop out windows

When popping out a window like the PFD and MFD I need to make it borderless. Otherwise it looks very unrealistic.
Besides: FPS should not drop from 75 to 25 when popping out and panel positions need to be saveable as a layout.

Agreed, and the FPS bug makes popouts pretty useless. Though mine was cut in half (80 to 40) last I tried.

And in case anyone is wondering: no, it’s not a display bug; the frame rate is actually reduced. (Unlike the opposite case in the past where popouts caused the displayed framerate to increase wildly for some software, but the actual framerate was unchanged.)

Did you see this?:

Other than that, please only address a single bug per topic. The #self-service:wishlist also may be appropriate depending on the topic.

Indeed I saw it. Yet it does not address the borderless issue. This is why I made a new topic.
@Aeluwas: Yes, it basically makes it a poor looking simulator. But a working G1000 is more important for my specific scenario with haptic knobs and buttons around it. The bad thing is, that once the windows are popped out, the FPS drops dramatically but CPU and GPU usage as well.
No pop-out: CPU 50%, GPU 99%, 45 to 50 FPS on Ultra
Pop-out: CPU 18%, GPU 42%, exactly 20 FPS on Ultra (something prohibits utilization), settings on low-medium: 30 FPS and flyable with bad graphics

when you pop out the window press the center icon on the top right of the screen, that will or at least used to make the display borderless.

Ok, great that you found it :+1:.
In that case I would recommend users to primarily discuss borderless pop out panels and discuss the performance in the other topic, so that other users can benefit from this information and find it more easily.


@BubbaBlitz7348: Yet I could not find the center icon I managed to make it borderless by pressing ALT + ENTER. I am ashamed I did not realize it earlier. So I would consider this topic to be solved.

LOL I never thought about doing it that way, will it detach the detached screen so that you can drag it to a different monitor?

Yes, I am using it in my G1000:

Wait now Im confused? since when do you get the knobs for the control of the screens in the popouts I always just get the screens and have to deal with the control for them in the original window.

This is a physical unit. The bezels are hardware.

Ah okay I would of got upset if I tried it and it didnt work in game I would of had to start another Death to Asobo thread, like theres not already enough of those already. Bwhahahahaha

Closed out, as the answer was to use Alt+Enter