No city and airport markings in VR

Hi, since the last update (or so, might be the one before the last one) i do not have any city or airport markings in VR despite both are turned ON in assistance - > navigation aids. just in case - i am using a Rift S, if that makes sense. does anyone have experienced this?

Can you see the nameplates of other aircraft, in multiplayer and/or AI/live traffic?

nope, don’t see any nameplates. haven’t mentioned them cause i don’t really care about them

it may not be the cause of your issue, but after the last full update, all labels became less readable in VR. It would appear that this was due to the apparent use of the 2d resolution, set in the MSFS PC options, to determine the resolution of the labels, instead of using the resolution of the connected VR headset.

There is therefore a workaround, that involves upping the 2d resolution.

Hopefully this is what is causing your issue and you will have room to set a higher 2d resolution.

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thank you, sounds interesting, but apparently, my 2d setup is on 1920x1080 monitor, and this is the resolution that is set in 2d settings. as far as i know i can’t up it higher than then monitor resolution? :frowning:

I have 3 fairly low resolution monitors, but was previously only using one of them, and had to use nvidia surround to increase the overall resolution, but if you don’t have that option, I’m at a bit of a loss.

It may be that your issue is not the same and therefore not fixable with this workaround anyway, but it might have been nice to have at least discounted it. Maybe try reducing it and see if that makes any difference to what you see?

thanks, will give it a shot later on today. maybe by that time someone (who might have the same issue) will come up with something else!

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unfortunately, changing 2d resolution didn’t help :frowning:

As it might not be that anyway, with you not being able to see any labels at all, could it be something you have in the Community folder?

If you have mods in there, maybe move them all to a temporary folder and restart MSFS. If the labels reappear, your next job would be to find out which of your mods is causing the issue and the best way to do this would be to add the mods back into the Community folder, one at a time, until the issue returns.

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