No cloud turbulences, no weather turbulences, planes seem to be « on rail »

Just voted this thread, is there an official timeline from asobo when this turbulence will be implemented?

Noting official I think. They said there’s a major weather engine overhaul planned somewhen next year while we may see some minor improvements at the end of this year.

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Where did they say that ?

Right here (37:55 timestamp). They also talk about the thermals etc later on.

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The Engine overhaul is more focused on the general data (like where does it rain, where is it windy and so on), but no update for turbulences itself.

The second question about thermals was actually from me and they didn’t really answer it, only they gonna work on it later and mentioned the glider developer. So the best bet is: turbulences, up/down drafts, thermals gonna be introduced next year together with the glider release, because they have to update something to make them work within the sim (but could be by the end of next year, just like the helicopters).

We gonna get more information with the next Dev update this thursday, because my thread Thermals, up & down drafts - realism update needed! made it into the top 50


Already looking forward to the Q&A. And crossing fingers that we’ll get plenty of info about bugs and missing features.

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So i didn’t remember hearing in the latest Q&A session about turbulence in clouds only wake turbulence eventually in 2022, didn’t I get it right?

You’re right! I didn’t hear it neither… Unfortunately we will still be able to fly a C152 in thunderstorm without any turb associated to severe weather conditions like in arcade mode (no convective winds where it is simulated in Xplane/Active Sky), at least by flying MFS2020 we are allowed to fly any GA no matter the weather conditions are and then we can make beautiful eye-candy screenshots of CB/TS ! :sweat_smile: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway it’s a big time joke that they didn’t really care about realism. Just talking around that’s it…

However we had enough votes to raise our voices about Thermals, up and downdrafts wind that is planned in 2022!!!
Still updraft/downdraft limited at 1000 ft/min!!! ??! … an other joke that kills immersion and realism.

They only talked about gust winds by the way (can’t figure out that what we call it a “Flight Simulator for simmers” as Jorge said in the Q&A but the game doesn’t simulate the minimum, even Gust winds and other realistic features not-simulated as well which are the corner stone of a Flight Simulator!) but at least they will care about Gust Winds in the new sim update 6, not that bad let’s put that way despite a big frustration! …
Well I’ll fly MFS2020 back in 2022 when it will provide the minimum realism required.