No complaints here!

Been flight simming for 20+ years. Had every version. Skipped P3D. Not spending hundreds to re-buy PMDG and A2A add-ons(I’ll deal with the OOM’s). People are complaining about this version. Sorry folks. This is the best yet and it will only get better with time. And get this: Im getting 30+ FPS with an i7-6700k, 16 gigs of RAM and a GTX 970 and I’ve got the global setting to HIGH END! Come on people. If I can do this with this system, so can you and many of you have MUCH better rigs than I do. Stop obsessing over your FPS! Go fly and enjoy!

This team did a great job in my opinion. They deserve better than this from the community. They heard our complaints and wishes for what we wanted in a flight sim and they delivered. Give them a little credit. Hats off to these folks! Thanks so much for a dream come true.


I agree with you.
My rig is a few years old now, its a i7-7700k running at 4.20 GHz (not even over-clocked), 32GB ram, GeForce GTX 1080TI, and am running at 30FPS constant (settings in nvidia control panel set to 30) and it’s butter smooth.
The only complaint I have was the initial download and install (botched that was) but as for the sim, it’s a master piece in the making :slight_smile:


Never had one issue downloading or installing. Not one! With all the complaints about that I guess I consider myself fortunate in that regard.

I’m still really blown away by the graphics! I really am. It sometimes leaves me speechless. Absoluely stunning!!


Same here. Im very happy with this sim from day one. No problems at all with instalation etc. Our planet never looks so good on the PC i think. Its a joy to fly and discover places all over the world.

I am excited to get flying. Bought a 4 Tb hard drive and liquid cooling in addition to finally bidding farewell to Windows 7 which I had to keep because I did not want to lose all my FSX Addons. I had some difficulty in getting it to run but Asobo supplied the solution in the FAQ on their site and I am having a smooth download right now so I am a little late getting to the party but look forward to getting in the virtual air. Oh, and for all those people that gripe at the scenery and FPS there is something called real world flying and to date I have spent $35,000 on that to get where I am at.


Okay you’re not having any issues and that’s great👍🏼
But a lot of other people are having issues and some of them game breaking ones. 30fps on 1080ti is acceptable in your eyes? Thats an 800 dollar gpu.

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30 FPS on a 1080ti acceptable? Well, according to this GPU benchmark review (, it’s TYPICAL. Maybe not ACCEPTABLE in some peoples eyes but this is truly a next gen. simulation to take advantage of future hardware as stated in the review. We may need to lower our expectations a little. This is not a shooter game where 100 FPS is typical and maybe necessary. You really don’t need this in a flight sim. 20-30 is completely do-able. Yes? And as far as a 1080ti being $800, it’s only that price because the market supports this at the moment and people stilll pay that for them. For $500 you can buy an RTX 2070S at best buy. That is if you can buy one before all the scalpers buy them up and re-sell them on Amazon for $800.


I set it at 30 in control panel, it runs 60fps no issue, monitor max 60fps 4k
Vertical sync is set at Adaptive 1/2 refresh rate.
When I got the video card (years ago) it was less than that in AUD.

Today i read a thread who two guys was complaining that the clouds are really bad and horrible pixelated in this sim. I thought it was irony at first, but it probably wasn’t. :rofl:

It certainly wasn’t, as they are right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke aside, there indeed seems to be some issue with clouds. When getting close, I occasionally noticed some weird square patterns, like a checkerboard. I wouldn’t call it pixelated, but something was off.

The perfection of nature cannot be copied :wink: Ok i saw something similar at P3Dv5 but much, much worse. Anyway… “No complains here!” :wink:

As I stated earlier, I had a long but smooth install, my controls are working beautifully and the sim experience is exellent, in a two years old rig but ’only’ nvidia 1060.
I think there are more of us, than it shows in these forums though, we just don’t make noice as others less lucky ones, understandibly.
But we should, as thanks for Asobo for their exellent work and MS for making it possible.


Agree entirely. Initial download was long but that is down to MS not ASOBO otherwise great .Been Flight Simming since the early 90s I am cheerfully running in Ultra no probs and just loving Cessnas that handle same as when I took lessons(back in the dark ages).

Installation was fine for me. Really enjoying the sim. If you don’t need everything perfect its great.