No download of the hotfix?

I am trying to download the hotfix to get to version .14 after SU5 but stuck on .13 and MS Store seems to think I’m good to go and the game also doesn’t realize that there is a new update out there that I very much would like to download.

I love the sim but please for the love of god do a complete redesign of the entire download and install infrastructure, it’s been a mess since day 1. Or at the very least provide manual links to the updates so that there is a backup when (not if) the automated installer doesn’t work properly.

I’m on the premium version, bought through the MS Store playing on a high spec PC.

Try >

I had tried the suggestions provided there (and elsewhere on this forum, and on Avsim) and none worked. Maybe you’ll have more luck. Be warned that last suggestion on that thread, which involves renaming the installation folder, resulted in my installation becoming irrecoverable broken. I had to reinstall FS2020 from scratch. That was a pain, and took 7 hours to download, but now I have the latest version (, at long last.

Try this one, worked for me on Windows 11:

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Tout à fait d’accord avec toi, il est urgent que MSFS revoie la mise en place des mises à jour, c’est vraiment l’enfer…Effectivement, on devrait pouvoir revenir à la version de notre choix, et encore plus aujourd’hui où je n’arrive même pas à télécharger la 1.18.14. et bien sûr impossible d’ouvrir le jeu et de s’en servir… C’est vraiment pénible…On peut être compréhensif, mais il vient un moment où on perd patience…

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Completely agree with you, it is urgent that MSFS review the implementation of updates, it’s really hell… Indeed, we should be able to go back to the version of our choice, and even more so today where I can not even download the 1.18.14. and of course impossible to open the game and use it… It’s really painful… We can be understanding, but there comes a time when we lose patience…

IvultUxl thank you so much this fixed it for me.

Thanks to @SlinkyMate, he discover that solution.