No F-16 anywhere?

I was hoping that someone would have already build an F-16 for us to BUY as an addon aeroplane.
Don’t get me wrong,i love warbirds and turbopros and i have every jet out there.But this baby…Oh my oh my how much i want it !
Does anyone have any info if any 3rd Party Dev is working on this ? has one. I don’t know anything about it.

That’s not any good, IMO.

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Btw does the sim already support supersonic flight?

:rofl: come on man !! I mean a proper payware !

it will soon as the devs say,if already it does and i missed it

No that’s planned but not in the immediate future. The few ‘Supersonic’ birds out there to day, are using smoke and mirrors to make you believe your traveling that fast…

i think they said it’s coming soon due to a Concorde coming as well

We will have to wait a little or a lot of time, to have a fighter plane worthy of the name, or, between quotation marks, worthy of the level of dcs. If we can’t shoot missiles or shells in MFS, having a functional cockpit, with a startup process, a realistic flight model, a realistic exterior view with all the effects of a fighter plane for beautiful videos, is not there yet.

Why does every time has to be about DCS ?
This is MFS.
If we wanted to fly and fight in a super realistic jet,in an enviroment with graphics of the 90’s,yes…then we’d buy DCS…BUT WE DONT !
MFS is MFS.Get it over with.

That is like DCS players should say to their forums “Oh i wish we could have a photogrammetry city to bombard”

It will never happen.Cause politics and marketing

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sorry, I misunderstood, I don’t compare MFS to DCS, just that all fighter planes today are at …, so asking for a f16 is useless, except if the world is satisfied with …! after, each one sees noon at his door, but today a fighter plane, in MFS, as those which one sees today, it is perhaps that my thought, but I do not see the interest of it, if it is just to have a skin, and nothing beside, all the remainder of the rotten plane, if you like that, you better, but good…
But yes, I would like, a Mirage 2000, a F18 hornet, a tomcat and others of the quality of DCS in MFS.we’ll get there I think, but not right away

I have moved your post to the Third Party Addon section.

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To be fair, DCS has a high standard for study level mil jets, not just the armement but also flight and electronics (mig21bis e.g.). But I concur that FS is more about the civil aviation. And as long as all the flight dynamics for mil jets are not implemented, for me, I see no reason to buy a supersonic airplane in FS.

But that is just me.

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At this point, making an F-16 for this game would sentence the name of the company to fail and go bankrupt in 2 minutes.

You could try Falcon BMS. Not only great avionics simulation but also a great war combat simulator. The only combat flight simulator with a “real” war going on :wink:

Here you have something. I have no clue what it is or who made it. But there you go, I bet you you could find worse paid products on the market lol

Why ? Has DC designs with their F15 gone bankrupt ?
Come one now…
We got Spitfire,G-91,F15 and the list will grow.
No one will fail

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i am talking serious payware like the ones we already have

DCS fighter jets and the like literally take multiple years to develop. Often a full year or more just to get anywhere near early access. A truly supersonic F-16 with proper systems of any real quality simply wouldn’t be ready now, even if they started making it immediately following MSFS launch.

why not have something like the F15 ?