No Fun!

The last update in March made it impossible to fly VR. After loading the flight sometimes I can set up the aircraft and get off the ground, and sometimes I can’t get past turning a light switch on. Every time ends up as a CTD! I was enjoying VR before with very few problems. IT’S THE SIMULATOR!


It has to be a setting on your side, VR works fine.

Kloot8200. It may be working for you, but I didn’t change a thing. After the latest update, it stopped working properly. IT’S NOT A SETTING ON MY SIDE!

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Both sim and video card are up to date on my pc, I just flew in VR and had no issues.
That is not to say you don’t have an issue, but it’s most likely some setting on your end that’s causing it.
Good luck with the troubleshooting.

My general rule of thumb is if I am the only one or in a massive minority then the issue is with me.

VR is still working.

Can you fly in 2D?

If you can, then try posting more specifics about your VR set up, headset, video card, overclocks on CPU and GPU, windows version etc.

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Funny you mention this because I was having what I thought was many CTDs in VR when flicking light switches. However, it turned out that running FS2020 in windowed mode causes windows and the game to have different mouse positions and it is entirely possible to think you are clicking on a light switch but instead you at hitting the big red X to close FS2020 but making you incorrectly think it was a CTD.

TL;DR - Don’t run FS2020 in windowed mode when using VR.


dont know if this helps but i have installed the new Nvidia Driver yesterday and hat CTDs a few seconds after switching to VR in the Cockpit. Reinstalled 457.30 and no CTD anymore…

Definitely on your side. Sim here fully up to date and VR working 100% fine.

So true, don’t fly windowed mode, just hit Alt + Enter, followed by Ctrl + Tab to enter VR.

I would try emptying the community folder and turning off live and AI traffic and see it gets stable…

Not sure if helps! Recently I was experiencing not really CTD but outside world freezing so the aircraft was functional with the outside world is not moving

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