No IFR in Germany

I was doing a “tour around the world” with the TBM930. Today I wanted to flight from LKPR (Praga) to EDDT (Berlin), but if I choose IFR flight, I only get direct arrival/approach on Berlin and there are no options to change it. I also tried with EDBC (Magdeburg) and it has the same problem, while everything is fine with EDDF (Frankfurt am Main). I noticed that when I check real time data, it always says tha servers are offline.

I have the MS Store version of the game and every free content on the store. The only mod installed is A320NX by FlyByWire.

According to this, all are operational.
Use the link in that thread

I get two routes LKPR EDDT (just tried) when on the world map.
Are you in offline mode?

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I’m wondering if this has to do with the Flight Planning Engine inside the A320?

Just now, the sim was able to generate two paths for Hi-Alt IFR:

For now, I’m going to move this to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft because the FBW Airbus is involved.

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You read something wrong, he said TBM930, the only addon he has is the A320.

Thanks! I’ll move it back, but I’m wondering what’s happening as I don’t think the FP engine requires connectivity.

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Just to be clear, I got your same routes, but if I try to search for Arrivals or Approach, I only get Direct (for both high and low altitude airways). It seems there are no STARs and APPRs

Disclaimer, I’m on Navigraph instead of the default Airbus NavBlue database in the sim.

Nonetheless, EDDT shows NO procedures at all - so the databases have that in common.

LKPR has SIDs/STARs, so that’s something different.

You have to go to EDDB.

EDDT is closed!


:grinning: Oof. I claim ignorance as I don’t fly that neighborhood!

That’s interesting as both databases show EDDT active. No database is perfect, and I think they have a big reliance on agencies reporting appropriately on updates.


Thank you so much, I didn’t know that!

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Closing topic, EDDT is not an active airport.