No International Borders on the World Map? Why?

Hey, Asobo, nice work on updating the world map to proper zoomable satellite imagery. But you forgot to put in international borders. You did forget, right? This wasn’t a deliberate omission, right?

Having them on the World Map would be a helpful addition. I don’t know why you haven’t included them, anyway. Resolution-free, scalable vector-based borders are not difficult to implement.

Ah, but whose borders? They are changing all the time. Enter into a political minefield.

One world… One People…

I know we’re all allegedly ‘global citizens’ now, but back in the real world, international borders are still an actual thing, and still very much enforced.

I can understand why coddled, over-privileged N. Americans might imagine international borders are meaningless; a bit harder (given 20th-century history) to appreciate why any Europeans would feel the same.

In SE Asia, from India to Indonesia, the idea of ‘no borders’ is total and utter anathema. With machine guns.

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This is a hidden statement from Asobo! We are one mankind living in one world. Like here on this forum: there are no sections per continent or per country.
And besides, do you see any borders when flying above the landscape?

(A little tongue in cheek, forgive me)…

Adding borders will get the sim banned in different countries.

With around 200 disputed borders internationally, I can see why MSFS is staying well clear.


You might probably be right. Hadn’t thought of it this way. Tx for the insight.

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