No Internet Connection message while updating MSFS 2020 #6 (v

MS Store user
Opened MSFS today (10/19/21) to the prompt to update to MSFS V#6 (
A couple minutes into the update (1% of 8+ GB) I get a “Connectivity Issues” message and the update stalls
I am connected to the internet via ethernet cable
I have updated the latest Windows Updates
Is this a local issue or a MS issue?

dont worry its not just you the servers are down for everybody.


I’m having the same problem.

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This have been ongoing for loads of people and we only have an update from 4 hours ago on twitter that they investigating.
Their updates are as bad as the communication.


Worse hahaha

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Thanks you all Someday, I’m told, computers will make our lives easier Or they will rule us ! :thinking:

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Servers are coming back online.

If you still have issues, please use this topic: