No live traffic, no atc options in the menu

As the tittle suggests, I have no options in the ATC menu except for tune traffic. I also can’t see any live traffic at all even at busy airports such as JFK during the day since this update. Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas?

I have live traffic showing on VFR map and world map but completely invisible from either cockpit or outside view since update.
And now have controller with English accent talking to me and my voice likewise,getting some message popping up on screen about online ATC being unavailable…i give up,finally had everything running well prior to update GRRRR

OH andATC telling me im at a different altitude to what my guage indicates and my barometer setting is correct.

Same here. I only run AI and live traffic. Sometimes I can hear other traffic on the radio, I can hear ATC refer to them for traffic alerts and even see them om TCAS. Not a trace visually though.

Actually there is the occasional AI aircraft moving around the airports.

I think you might have this issue: AI / Live Traffic only visible short range