No live weather at all (February 2023)

LGIR currently no clouds although plenty on metar. SE Asia server.

Weird thing this morning, spawned into KDTW. The weather that appears matches the correct METAR, which should be low overcast and rain, but the METAR that loads in the box is from yesterday:

First blatantly wrong thing I’ve seen since the initial fix on Tuesday. USA, Boston.

edit: within 5 minutes the correct METAR loaded into the box


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Good Afternoon.
On monday it seems to be fixed all about live weather but, since yesterday again all over Spain (LEBL, LEPA, LEBB) and even at Milan MAlpensa LIMC, ALL SKY CLEAR although the metar says scattered clouds etc and etc.


Just loaded into EHAM and METAR is from yesterday morning.


Weather is wrong too. No clouds.

Thank you everyone for your screenshots.

We were able to establish that not one particular region or server is affected by the Azure cache bug. Asobo is currently waiting on Azure’s engineers to come back to them regarding the issue.

We can only invite you to wait until the issue is fixed.


Really appreciate the transparency here, fingers crossed this happens fast!


Thanks 4 info - GJ lads.

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Thank you for taking the time (and effort) to find out what is happening and keeping us informed.

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I flew east well into the Pacific Ocean and it was all clear sky…that couldn’t be.

really weird, I did a few tests yesterday and today and the weather is matching ever since and the METAR is current. I had the same issue as described in this thread 3 days ago though. So either I’m just getting lucky everytime I connect or it is somehow user-account related too. Whatever… glad they’re on it.

Thanks for your efforts.

Would it be ok to share the region that has problems in order at least to be able to verify that connecting with VPN to other regions solves the issue?

Read it again.


oooops :slight_smile: My bad man. Thanks

For me, I bathed in glorious live weather for the last two days. Now, I am getting outdated METAR again.

So, from my perspective, I think its a little disingenuous to describe the topic as ‘solved’.


But OTOH it’s readily apparent from this thread that this is a huge YMMV situation and some people are mostly seeing correct and some are mostly still getting errors, so if you’re VPNing from a bad spot to a better one your situation will improve. Problem is, as they’ve confirmed, there’s nothing systematic about where the issues are so nobody can tell you with any confidence where you should be VPNing into (or where you should be avoiding).

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As noted,


Welcome to the community buddy!!! Good to see you here!!

Using a VPN is not a guaranteed solution. Here are some additional details as to why:

Some of the Azure cache servers that are used to distribute Live Weather data are not updating correctly to the latest versions of the data.

The game checks for new data very regularly but not from one server, meaning that from one request to another, the game client might hit a different server. The client can then receive data that is up-to-date OR data that is several hours/days old.

We have requested Azure engineers assistance and are waiting for the results of their investigation. In the meantime we are also exploring other potential solutions to circumvent the issue.


Finally we have a proper answer, thanks. :slight_smile: