No live weather clouds in 11,000nm of flights from NZ to UK in 1.30.09 and 1.30.11

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and add-ons?

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
Just flown the Longitude in a number of hops from New Zealand to UK over 3 days in live weather with 1.30.09 and 1.30.11 (about half the journey in each, and not a single cloud in the sky the whole way. I checked MeteoBlue Cloud maps and there should definitely have been clouds around on several sections of the journey.

I tried turning live weather on and off in General config as well as in the weather panel while in flight. No difference.

This was over three sim sessions over three days, ove six flights.

Winds were working properly including jetstreams and concurred with live data on the web.

And I saw some ground fog (metars?). But no other cloud at all.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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Live weather is ok in departure but since some distance there are a suddenly clear sky. Wind is ok but no cloud and only some ground fog. And I have verified live weather in meteoblue, live weather not match with reality

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Actualy above East Cost of canada : (departure from Paris at 14:00 z)

Yesterday to Denmark approx :

Wow that’s a very sudden and sharp cloud line in that last image.
Seems like this is either a bug, or a desperate way for the developers to save sim performance and stability. I hope it’s a bug and that it will be fixed.

This is well-documented in this forum:

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I don’t understand how this bug can be related to the new versions of the AAU1 beta if WT only works on avionics improvements. Could someone help me understand?

Just completed a 2 hour group flight. Both PC and Xbox participants. Everyone was in the SWS Kodiak. I am on Xbox Series X and was the only person on the AAU1 beta. Live Weather No clouds, perfectly clear skies for me. Other flyers on live weather were in heavy clouds and snow at times. The Himalayas experienced a visual downgrade with beta They did not appear like this just three days ago on Note the bubble wrap texture.

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This issue is not related to beta versions but it is a general one that also affects the release version and it is not consistent across users/locations/platforms. As AirJog mentioned above the main post for this issue is: Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown. It is feedback-logged so Devs are investigating.

It is not related to the beta…

I am not on this beta and I have had this sporadic issue for many months.

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For me, I have only consistently had this no-cloud problem since AAU1.

So it makes sense to me to report it under the AAU1 banner.

I do MANY long international flights (and some short local ones) and clouds had been fine for me up until AAU1 and mostly missing since AAU1.

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Could you post a screenshot of your General Option/Data ?

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Also check data limit and metered connection settings.

Press “start” > options > network & internet > data usage.


(…) network & internet > properties
if enabled > turn off metered connection.

via windows firewall settings add flightsimulator.exe to inbound and outbound rules.

Example >

My data options are set and working fine as I get correct live winds and gournd fog (metars?)

It is only clouds which are missing.

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Exactly the problem I have 40% of the time.

The AAU1 beta also includes LOD fixes specifically for Xbox.

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My evidence leading to my posting was anecdotal. In over a year of flying I’d never experienced that weather issue. Of the 8 other PC and Xbox flyers in my group I was the only one with no clouds and the only one on AAU1 beta.

Interesting discovery…

I changed my video card from a RTX 2080 to an RTX 3080 five days ago (faster and more memory),

Since then, I have live weather with clouds!

Any thoughts?

Update: after two weeks of great live weather with clouds, Gaming Services updated today and I have now lost my clouds…

In conclusion, it is either this App or the servers that are the problem as nothing else on my PC has changed.