No liveries?

didn’t they say the sim wiil launch with liveries?


That’s what I understood. Also a little wondering what they meant when they mentioned the ‘alpha/beta’ surprise?


let’s wait i think to the next dev update about the surprise.

They reached out to about every airline that operates aircraft in the sim but due to the 'Rona the licensing situation could not be cleared up yet. So we will have to wait until airlines are in a position to deal with it (which they currently aren’t obbviously)

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Yes they did say that, they have licensing for most major airlines and a couple are still waiting for approval so maybe they wait until they have them all no idea. I’m sure we get an update sometime soon

what confuses me is that they have United as an AI livery so why couldnt they give that to us on the 78 or something

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Yeah I dont get that either, same as for the modern c172 it has different liveries for ai but not selectable for us

The trailers also showed different liveries. I also assumed to have at least SOME liveries now with the release version.