No Marshaller with the Carenado 182

I really like the Carenado 182, but I noticed that when parking this aircraft no marshaller appears. Are they only available for the default aircraft?

I wouldn’t have thought so. I suggest you reach out to the third-party developer as it might be a fault on their end.


I expect Marshaller’s work only after landing on Airport and request ATC to taxi to parking.

That is mainly true, they may also work if you pre-plan to arrive at a certain stand and you taxi there.

Not only with pre set of parking.

Really set on FPL after landing parking stand is not ok due possible aircraft there already. This is what idea is wrong in my opinion, system of functionality with generic ATC need to be after landing to have option to request specific stand of airport, not pre set in init of flight. I don’t use generic ATC but sometimes I call for Marshaller to have fun :slight_smile:

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