No more blue taxi lines!

I wish that the current blue taxi lines would be modified! As soon as those intensive blue lines appear it reduces completely the realism within the sim!

Hey @FelipeTurbay,

Suggest you use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory to let the dev team know what you’d like to see added or improved.

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I had been thinking this too, It would be nice if they were yellow dashes and set lower.

I’m not sure if you are referring to when you have them turned ON they are too bright or wrong color, but you can turn the blue taxi help lines OFF completely in the sim.


also smaller hopefully it’s quite big those lines and high up.

I’ve been looking for the file that controls this mechanic and I can’t find it. You can edit pretty much everything else in game, but I can’t find this. Something has to be telling the game what shape, color, offset from the ground, etc to make those arrows, but I don’t know where it is.


IIRC in FSX it was a small yellow stripe… that seemed less “intrusive” to me.

But, at an airport like Dallas-Fort Worth the taxi ribbon is pretty nice to have! :smiley:

yes its clear that we can disactivate the taxi guide lights but it would be nice to have the default lines be modified, i just think the color they use is just poor in quality and does not match with the scenery.

I would love it if there was more than just on & off when it came to taxi assistance.
For example, I like to try and move around without assistance using airport charts, but very often the gate/ramp numbers or taxiway letters don’t correlate with the real life charts.
I find myself having to turn on assistance just to see where my spot actually is and then taxi slowly zooming in on each taxiway marker to make sure I’m still going the right way. It would be nice if there were a way to turn on just the waypoint for your parking spot, and maybe also taxiway names.

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Hi there. How would you like them modified? As I’m reading this, I’m having difficulty understanding how you hope the blue taxi lines would be different. Is it just the color or is it something else? What color would you want it to be?

There’s a similar thread that people might want to also vote for:

Thanks! Just left my vote!

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Is this thread about the toggling the ribbon on and off? I’m still confused as to what this is about.

Just about changing the default ribbon specially the intensive blue color in use

Oh, okay, thank you!

I would prefer if you could bring up the airport diagram on your MFD with the route you have to take highlighted. This would work and not break immersion.

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Is that a Garmin function in real life?

Yes! That would be even better!

No, it isn’t, Garmin doesn’t know your assigned taxi route and dialing it in after clearance would be too slow.
But in terms of immersion it would surely be okay.
I’d prefer a solution which works on all aircraft, even the most basic without glass displays. So I’d prefer a less intrusive taxiway marker to this approach still.

U have an option to disable in the assistance section i like the taxi ribbon i use it all the time lol but one thing they can do is minimize the size by a lot