No more flaps axis since SU 10

Hello every one.
I can’t set flaps with my TCA Boeing quadrant after SU10 .
Assigned lever is alive under FSUIPC7 , but no moves in sim , impossible to set axis in commands options.
(AI assisted T/O and LDG are disabled) .
Flaps can be set with mouse .
Any one got this and found a solution?

Peter Dowson is working to solve the problem.

I released a new beta for FSUIPC7 (7.3.9f) a short while ago, so please try that. It is available from the FSUIPC Announcements sub-forum. Any issues, please post in the FSUIPC7 support sub-forum.


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Since the update, my Saitek controllers are now showing up in the controllers screen and they cannot be adjusted.


I downloaded and installed version 7.3.9f , flaps are back , only with FSUIPC , not in MSFS command options .