No more issues hooray!

I am now a happy camper. No more CTD, no more low fps, no more terrible graphics.

All settings on high fps 70.

I am running Dell G5587 laptop, 32 gigs ram, 1060 Nvidia.

My learning curve after being unable to access Options General and content server down all the time.

  1. Reinstalled win 10, this time with Cortana, edge an US english. Cleaned the C drive of everything else.
  2. Installed issues, although on 20m fibre it took a while.
  3. Installed thrust mast driver and updated Geforce. It seems after my bug report and diagnostic data that I sent to zendesk has prompted nvidia to make changes to the experimental functions in Geforce.
  4. Got new. Installation of Opentrack.

This is the best it’s been and I only had problems after patch 2.


what is that ? which version of the driver are you on now ?


In the Moment i do the same.

I tried a few things again this morning but the CTD’s stayed after a 10min flight time. I am now installing Win 10 Build 2004 from scratch. In the future I will not install any other things on my computer except what must be for the FS2020 (driver and such). Even X-plane can no longer be used and I also put my Oculus Rift back in the box until VR arrives. Let’s see how it works after the reinstallation.

Wow, that’s incredible! I have an i7-10750H, 32 GB RAM and a GEFORCE RTX 2070 with 8 GB RAM with a fresh Win10 install, 700 GB free space on an SSD (nothing else major on the drive – this is a dedicated machine for FS2020). And I get about 33 FPS on High-End.
Not complaining about 33 FPS when others get much worse, but I am wondering what the x-factor is.

I highly doubt the 70fps are in every situation and stable, frankly. That’s not even possible on the best gaming rigs, let alone laptops.

Maybe show some screenshots, with AI traffic at JFK or LAX on an A320 with clouds at 70fps. I highly doubt that at this point with “High” settings, unfortunately.

But nevertheless, happy to hear the experience is smooth now.

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I have always gotten over 30 FPS at all times

That’s nothing special. But having stable 70 fps is.

I’m sorry , but 70 fps is feeble compared to my 144 fps .

( P.s 144 fps on the start menu , LoL !! )

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Okay, most of my flying has been at Matekane, Lesotho so the mountains must be photogram. I play custom weather so I can set stiff wind, no ai and no other players. I am also flying the Shock Ultra, my favourite aerie.
That’s probably why i am seeing such high fps.

Loving this sim/game.

Also using 1080.

If you open Geforce Experience and go to settings, under General you can tick the box ‘Enable experimental features’.

8gb RAM alongside that cpu and gpu?? Consider upgrading your RAM dude

The graphics card has 8 GB RAM. The main processor has 32 GB.

Ooh my bad, i red over the RAM part :crazy_face:

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LOL, yes, if I had 8 GB on the main board, I would definitely agree! :grin:

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Not a pissing contest here …

Kindly check the parentheses on the post. They were just making a joke. :slightly_smiling_face:

Who’s having a " pissing contest " ?

After my complete reinstallation yesterday only with Windows 10 build 2004 and all new drivers and the FS2020 (nothing else!) I no longer had a CTD and everything runs smoothly as far as you can expect from a GTX1080. I’m with the TBM on the way from Shipol to Palma with live weather (under FL160 you can’t see anything) and wind. It’s all there and it seems to be working. The best idea ever to reinstall that and remove everything else, at least for me! The Graphiksettings are the same as befof the reinstallation but it runs much better now