No more multiplayer in bush trips?

I noticed that after SU 15, and I didn’t find any reference of it in release notes.

What do you mean more exactly?

I designed a bush trip that allowed for seeing multiplayer traffic ([multiplayer] option set to Status=1) that worked ok. After SU 15, multiplayer traffic is no longer visible on the same bush trip.

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Oh no, that’s sad. I enjoy flying Bush trips together with a friend but even pre-SU15, I could not get this to work consistently.

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Other users reported the same. But I just checked by testing the same bush trip and It seems to be showing multiplayer again.

So I also checked it today and fortunately, it works. For the “stock” bush trips, I used Misson Changer – BushTripInjector to activate Multiplayer (it does some kind of magic for “protected” bush trips - just changing the Multiplayer setting in the FLT file manually seems to not suffice).

One thing to check if this does not the trick: check the “flight conditions” set in “world map”. I think this setting is also used for the bush trip, so if you set it to something other than “all players”, you might not see other planes.