No Online Traffic / No Live Traffic

Upgrade, rebooted, nothing.

Thanks again @CasualClick and @tamalien for at least trying to help us and getting this to their attention.

There is no update available for the X-box app? This is not making any sense. Why are you telling us to update an app for which there is no update available?

Well, shouting at me isn’t going to help, is it? I can’t help you. I hope things improve for you and you’re able to enjoy a game without getting so upset with everything and everyone.

If you read a few posts up it is suggested to join the Windows Gaming in the insider hub (whatever that is!). There are no other updates currently to be found in the “normal” way, we’re just going to have to wait for MS.

Note the caution about going for the insider app. Personally I’ll manage without Live Traffic for now, it’ll surely get sorted in the next few days.

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Yes thanks, I was unsure what that was. I’ll wait for them to fix it. Should not need to go through this rigmarole in my view! Cheers.

Same issue on Xbox Series X since couple of days.
Any official statement available from MS/Asobo?

Same here on xbox series x.

That poll above is aimed more for pc users.

This thread originally was reported by a PC user. We’ll add the XBox tag to indicate console users are also experiencing this defect. Thanks.


Live traffic was turned ON tonight on my trip down to Gatwick & no traffic seen/communication heard at all. Xbox X. Very unusual.

I noticed it on Friday I think, thought it was just me until I saw this thread, multiplayer is working for me, just no live traffic.

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No live traffic here for me on the east coast servers USA. Pc, Xbox x, Xbox s

Thanks everyone who checked out the Gaming Services / XBox upgrade to see if it helped (which it doesn’t appear to).

In the interests of transparency, I have sent latest status to Community Management regarding what we’ve tried, Poll Status and that XBox Console is also affected.

It’s the weekend. I don’t expect any responses from MS-Asobo until tomorrow at the earliest, and it may just be a preliminary response while they look over the results. You know exactly what I know at this very moment. When I have something to update, I will post here. It may also be that a Community Manager will directly respond instead.

Thanks for your help in troubleshooting and your patience.

At this time, if you are still part of the Windows Gaming Preview in the XBox Insider app as a result of testing the updated XBox App and Gaming Services, I strongly recommend you Leave the Preview, so no additional complications (if any) occur while we wait to hear back from Dev Team. I did this myself.


Thanks for the assistance. This is a great model of just how civil and constructive a discussion about a problem can be on this forum when the users are believed and responded to by a representative of the company(s).

Thanks again.

For users who report that Live Traffic is working for you -

@Tombstone0074 @Foxhound6050 could you please let us know:

  1. What versions of XBox app and Gaming Services you’re running

  2. What server are you on in the sim?

  3. A screenshot showing nameplates would be great, to evidence it is Live Traffic and not Multiplayer.


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Could you add to that maybe a screenshot of the nameplates? It is easy for people to confuse Multiplayer Traffic with Live Traffic. Just a suggestion.

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I need cover myself (CYA) but I must reiterate I am not an MS-Asobo employee and do not in any capacity represent them. I am an end-user/customer just like yourself. As a volunteer, I serve at the pleasure of the Community Managers.

My motivation here is like everyone else, I want the sim to work and be the best it can be. :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand that, but you are all we got :slight_smile: . Seriously though, at least you can contact those whom we are not allowed or know how to.

Again, thanks.

No live traffic for me as well. PC user in Norway.

Live traffic stopped working sometime yesterday, east cost US.