No Online Traffic / No Live Traffic

No live traffic seen on my flight between Algeria and Majorca this morning. Not a single thing heard on the in game ATC.

Same experience for me

Flew 2+ hrs over SE California around sunset local time yesterday, live. No other traffic whatsoever.

I sure wish there was some sort of status page in-game that let us know which services were operational. That will never happen I am afraid.


No live traffic at the moment :confused:

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none for me aswel, im in the uk

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No live traffic at the moment ,im in the france

Very lonely skies lately. Plenty of live traffic on radar, but not seeing any on my monitor. It’s been like this for week’s as far as I’m concerned.

AI Live Traffic is totaly broken since 3 months now and there is no fixing by Asobo.
I think they gave it up fixing the traffic

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Hi, this post is about the recent status of Live Traffic (not AI).

I’m a few hundred miles west of Cyprus on the way to OMAA. No live. I have seen a handful of sim pilots out here. It doesn’t bother me much these days. I don’t really notice them not being there.

Nothing around KMCO or KTPA

Thought it was just me. No traffic…not a one.

I did 3 flights last night. Not a single live traffic plane in sight anywhere. That’s quite a shift considering how good it had been as of late.


Nothing here on my end either … here we go again.


no traffic for me


Can you please check on the status of Live Real Time Traffic ? Let us know if it is a server issue and if or when it might be resolved.



They aren’t talking about AI traffic. They are talking about live traffic.

I see them on the VFR map. but nothing in the skys when im flying. Sure the multiplayer is effed up too… People appear, disappear, and ive had lights fly past me with no plane, invisible planes next.

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I do not use multiplayer. I see nothing on the VFR map nor is ATC communicating with anyone but me.