No problem for me with the!

Perhaps it is unusual but with my configuration I have had no problem with this new opus : lower downloading time, smoother flights and better FPS. With previous versions I got a lot of problems, the same as for most users but now it looks like OK. I think it’s not bad sometimes to write in this forum some positive things. Most of times I read too many quick negative points of views.
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I too had no problems at all. And I had no problems with previous versions. In fact, I’ve had no problems since I installed it on August 18.

But this thread will go absolutely no where. This forum is like a hospital, only visited when you’re sick.


Only improvements for me so far with the 787.

Limited by Main Thread and CoherentGTDraw issues are now fixed for me and much smoother with lower CPU and GPU temps. Before the update it was constantly “limited by main thread” and CoherentGTDraw was essentially a red bar. Both now perfect green bars.

My RTX 2080 GPU reports higher usage @ around 90% (50% before) but clocks under 1000Mhz (1900Mhz before) and stays well under 70c now (previously mid 70’s). Previous power draw was mostly above 100w and now below 50w

CPU temp for my 9980HK was always in the 80’s with spikes into the 90’s . Since the update, I haven’t seen a temp above 80c