No proper altitutes temperature in the ONLINE WX

Hi friends.
From the last update I notine de online WX is wrong almost all the time. The preasures, the winds, the altitudes are not correct from the ATC and the real altiuted the plane gets.

In the Discord Forum of Flybywire, they explain that:
" Altitude Issues

The effects of non-standard day pressure and temperature on altitude in MSFS is inaccurate for SU5 affecting the following:

  • Airplane altitude provided to ATC from the airplane transponder will not correlate correctly with the airplane indicated on the airplane’s altimeter. VATSIM / IVAO will see MSFS airplanes at a different altitude than what the pilots see.
  • If temperature is different than ISA, the airplane altimeter will not indicate the correct altitude, most observable when airplane is on the ground at the airport with the proper QNH set. The altimeter should align with the airport’s elevation, but it won’t with SU5.
  • If pressure or temperature is changing with live weather, the airplane’s autopilot may wander from the set altitude or “chase” altitude.
  • The built-in MSFS ATC will experience the same altitude issues - you may see FL390 on your altimeter, but the ATC will see you at a different altitude".

Is it a next hotfix planned to solve this situation?

Thank you very much.

Pedro Avilés

I hope so.
As for the crazy temps, please vote this thread: Wrong temperatures

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Addressed in the hotfix (Friday or Monday…)



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