No push back truck on since you update the simulator

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Hi I am sending two photos so know what to talk about when it comes to the pushback truck is missing in the simulator it works before all before SU9 but since then it has stopped working how to fix it make it work again

Try to empty the Community folder and if solved add each time a small number of mods in order to identify the one in which there was a problem. Usually a faulty AirportServices file

I tried everything but the something is wrong why Airport service does not work do you have any solution before SU9 work everything in SU8 but question was happened with the simulator but overall had that simulator soon 2 years but always something with it every update crash it all the time

also i love this simulator so always sad nothing works after all the update hope the developers come with patch for this simulator

It has almost been a week with SU9 update on flight simulator my question about airport Service with pushback tractor is away from flight simulator it work in SU8 but ask what happens if it comes back because everything wants to work in reality as did before SU9 but will be a Patch to fix everything. I have tested everything but may not work a patch needs from your side

Same here. Pushback tug is available in other airports but not in EGJJ (Jersey). I’m talking about the blue tug that comes with the toolbar pushback by ambitious pilots.