No Real World Live Air Traffic showing up today

Just did a couple of flights there was no air traffic showing up at all. Checked all the settings. Yesterday did some flights in the same location and there were planes everywhere. Just opened the world map and panned around to places like New York not a plane anywhere. Anyone notice this. I’m using the real world live traffic setting.

Flew Nicosia (Cyprus) to Athens (Greece) this afternoon in the CJ4 as always using the real world live traffic. Seemed to be much the same as usual - including the couple of traffic alerts plus having to give way to a landing airliner and quickly clear the runway for another behind me. Situation normal (Western Europe server).

But for a change got the correct into wind runways…

Must have been an server issue. It just started working again. Like magic. Before that you could see live players but that was all. It will be good when they fix the ATC sending you the wrong runway for sure, I fly a lot out of CYYT St. John’s NL where I learned to fly. There was a heavy south wind showing up in the sim so you would want to use Rwy 16 but ATC was saying to use Rwy 29 which would have meant a really high cross wind. Needless to say I ignored them and used 16.

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Contact support

Just flew across south Florida. Not an AI (live traffic) plane to be seen anywhere for me either. Had the same issue yesterday. Three out of four flights in normally busy air spaces (Florida, SoCal, Toronto, NorCal) showed no traffic at all. And I had a restart between each session due to live weather not working on second flight.

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I’m not seeing live traffic, either. There’s a bug report that got posted yesterday that you may want to leave some feedback on:

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I was on the sim a half hour ago and there was lots of air traffic. Just started it up again and not a plane to be found. It would be nice if someone at Microsoft would let people know if they are working on something or there is a issue that is causing the erratic here one minute gone the next live traffic.

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I’m on my 3rd flight today and there was traffic on all of them. South Florida is currently teeming with traffic, unlike the last few days. Even when it was working in the last few days, traffic was very sparse at best.

Could be that they had some stalled servers / services somewhere, they were found and restarted. Then again, I could just be lucky…

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Looking at the World Map today around New York you can just catch a glimpse of live traffic, a plane will fade in stay for a couple of seconds then fade out again never to be seen again. I am pretty sure that a few updates ago the planes didn’t behave that way. Must be driving Search and Rescue nuts in the New York area or anywhere else because it’s like all over.

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630pm to 730 pm eastern time kjfk. Count about 30 planes.

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