No save/load functionality on Xbox?

Sooo… there’s no way to save or load a flight on Xbox? I’m trying to do this bus h trip garbage, and all these flights are multiple hours. Do they expect me to sit here and do this in one sitting? For hours? Is there no way to save and load midflight on Xbox? I’ve read that it’s possible on PC, but I’ve scoured every single menu and there’s absolutely no save or load functionality in this game on Xbox. What the ■■■■. am I supposed to just start new flights and fly for an hour or whatever amount of time I have to play every single day? I’ll never ■■■■■■■ get anywhere.

Bush trips? Like the Patagonia one for example?

Been a while BUT…first time I tried that I decided to quit in the middle of the first leg.

I just quit out of the flight.

When I came back to it a few months later it just loaded me straight into the exact same spot in the air that I had quit from.

So, I think it does it automatically. No need to save anything anywhere.

Just in case I’m wrong you should test this though. Fly a leg for about 10 minutes and quit out.
Then start that leg again and see where it launches you.

As for the legs themselves. The 3 that I have done I think the legs were around 30 or 40 minutes each.
You don’t have to fly the whole bush trip in one go. Do one leg per session.

Patagonia is quite short.
Balkans is fairly easy to follow and I think most of the legs are ok length.
Nevada has loads of legs. Some short, some long feeling…but for me Nevada just felt like it would never end.
I haven’t done any others.
I just did my own “bush trip” of fly every airport and grass strip that is available in Denmark. Just for fun.

Forget about the bush trips, specifically. There’s no save/load functionality in the game, in any activity, period. I cannot ■■■■■■■ believe that there’s a game in 2021 without the ability to save or load a file. anytime I go to the map where you spin the globe and pick somewhere to takeoff from, I’m starting a new flight. Every time. There’s no way to pick up where I left off, no way to load a game, and no way to save a game while I’m already flying. My question/complaint doesn’t pertain specifically to bush trips, it’s about the entire game.

I think this should be posted in the feature request section then.

Maybe open a feature request ticket with Zendesk?

@KrimsonKing08 I think you’re mistaken about the ability to save/load in the PC version. I have about 50 hours in there and I’ve never come across that feature. You can load up a flight plan, but that’s not the same thing as loading an existing state. You can also start a flight in mid air (rather than having to take off from a airport). I’m guessing Xbox allows you to do the same thing? Maybe you could use the VFR map to make note of where you are before ending a flight to help you find that spot to set as the departure for the next flight?

Also, to answer your question:

I think the answer is essentially: “yes”. I’m pretty new to flight sims myself, but I think saving and loading doesn’t make quite as much sense in a flight sim as it does in other types of games. There’s no real continuity you need to save. You don’t level up, or access new areas or new content based on your current “progress”. You basically just fly around. You’re right that if a flight is long it might be hard to do in less than an hour, in that case you could pause the game and just come back when you have more time, or use slew mode to speed up your travel to a specific destination. But otherwise, yea, I generally choose my flights based on how far apart the airports are and how much time I have for that session.

For me, flight sims have been kind of a paradigm shift. There’s no real “goal”. But, I’ve found trying to plan the fights, navigating with IFR, sight seeing, doing aerobatics, and learning about the planes to be quite fun. All of those can be done in bite sized sessions. How that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was curious of this because I’m a busy father of 4, Some times I just gotta go. I noticed flight plan saving, and our xboxs are capable of quick resume, I wonder if you used offline mode you could put it into its own state by just dashboard ing and resume it later? In all my online games this isn’t possible, yes the games it quick resume but it loads back to the main title because of the servers log in and all.

You can save/load.

If you’re mid flight, press the menu button, then go to the world map, then it should say to press the button next to menu, the 2 squares for more options, then pressing that same button again should bring up the save/load option.

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