No Sim Update 2 (launched on 22 Dec)

Starting on 22 Dec, I was expecting an update for the Sim Update 2 for my PC. As of today, I still have not received it. Over the past months, the updates happened normally and automatically. However, this time, I still have not received such updates via the Xbox app / Microsoft Store / the checking of updates at the beginning of the games. I have tried to log out and log in from the xbox app and within the game. Though i still can play the game, i want the updates. That is really fustrating as i need to resume my work.

Recalling these few months, I only purchased a few landmarks from the marketplace in the game. Therefore, I have no idea about the cause.

Grateful if someone can suggest me a solution.

That is unusual, sorry it is happening. is the version that came out December 22. What version does your software show is installed? Have you gone into the app settings for MSFS and tried ‘repair’? Then reopen and see if an update is presented? If that doesn’t work, you could try reset, and if that fails, uninstall and reinstall. I know that you don’t want to do that, given the time required to re-download everything.

Thanks for your reply. I am not quite sure about the version as I cannot find it from the Microsoft Store and Xbox game pass app on my PC.

Eventually, though I am not willing, I followed your final advice. I uninstalled it last night and re-installed the game again and download everything again. I finally saw the game updated to version Some contents are still downloading and I hope all my purchases are still in place. Thanks again.

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Hi @moonbirdkcp,
I moved your topic to Performance & Graphics. This category is also for installation issues as well as CTDs (for those that get them).

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