No Skytower and Terrain deformation New Zealand

HI I am flying from New Zealand and there is no Sky Tower; a prominent Landmark. And Whenupai airbase has deformed terrain on parking area.

Whenupai is a glitch you can report to Zendesk, but the missing Sky Tower is a wait-for-third-party shindig. In areas without photogrammetry, the only way for a landmark to show up is for it to be handcrafted - and we can’t expect Asobo to handcraft every landmark out there. There are quite a few missing landmarks, but over time third-party devs will fill in the gaps.


here you go:

From community mod: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Auckland Pack Alpha 0.1 - Now Released!

Youre welcome


Some more news coming in the next little bit … 0.2 is well underway.


Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

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Hopefully we get to see some more soon! Specially Mt Taranaki and such too

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We have just release the whole of Auckland CBD, Ports and iconic buildings

NZ & AUS MFS2020 Discord Auckland Pack 1.0


  • Auckland Ports
  • Auckland CBD (29 blocks)
  • Eden Park
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Auckland Sky Tower
  • Spark Arena
  • Auckland Museum
  • Night mode / lights work for all!