No Svalbard Airport in Flight Simulator 2020? (ICAO: ENSB)

I’ve been interested in flying to places with Polar Night. The most northerly commercially accessible airport in the world is Svalbard Airport in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway. ICAO is ENSB. It is a fairly major airport with 2,484 m asphalt runway that has commercial air service. I think Microsoft/Asobo inadvertently overlooked this relatively important airport (vs. all the small airstrips that were included globally).

As the days lengthen, this would be an interested airport to include in an update. I suggest Microsoft/Asobo include this relatively major airport that was missed and would be interesting to fly to.

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go to • Discover MSFS 2020 Add-Ons have a few choices there.It’s not in MSFS cause Bing maps doesn’t have it.You can do a flight plan there.I have flown to it …

ENSB Svalbard/Longyear
ENAS Svalbard/Ny Ålesund
ENSA Svalbard/Svea
ENBA Svalbard/Barentsburg Heliport

Be aware that all the navaids disappeared after the last MS/Asobo update. Use Navigraph if you own it :slight_smile:

As I type I am at CRZ Level to ENSB on the Polar Night first leg ie EGLL-ENSB in A20N
No Navigraph subscription so I have put my alternate ENDU in, fly to wpt INPAR and visual into RWY 10, definitely an eyeball.

Hmmm… I don’t have any addons, but have flown to it. It has a VERY bumpy, hairy runway.

I just looked in the sim, and this airport appears in the list of airports in the World Map. Do you see it, too?

It’s there… it’s also on the list of airports for WU5.

Thanks for verifying. I’m going to put this in the Resolved category, since it does appear to be there. And we can all look forward to a hopefully improved airport in WU5!

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