No Tablet? Come 'on...really?

Use spacedesk and move in the floating windows

What comes next? Whining because the app no longer runs on iOS12 or Android 8? We are talking about a 10 year plan from Asobo. In 10 years we’ll be on Android20 and iOS24. Who wants to read here the whining that the app won’t run on the new Xiaomi smartphone, but on Samsung? The AppStore is full of apps that only run on certain smartphones. Which operating system should all be supported without putting anyone at a disadvantage? Or Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS and Firefox OS? Maybe even the old Windows Phone?

The flight simulator is only the basic framework. Of course, it has to become error-free first. But when it is finished, third parties can let off steam.

Just make realistic demands. Unbelievable headshaking :roll_eyes:

I’d taken the request, at least in the OP, as being for a virtual tablet, something like AviTab in XP11, and not for a part of the sim that runs on a physical tablet.

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Ahh ok, then I misunderstood, sorry. If it is meant directly in the MFS as a window, also for moving to a second monitor, then I agree that it would make sense. … Voted :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the reason why i wish to implement a Pilots Tablet virtually in the cockpit.
And 10 years plan to support is nice but this feature is a modern basic furnishing in my opinion.
Today every pilot use this.
Or should we write our stuff on paper like in the 90ies?

It’s like you buy a brand new Car, but you have to buy the Audio System a half year later from third party. :wink:

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Yes, such a clipboard or tablet, on which all information about the flight plan and all required frequencies are displayed during the flight, would be very useful. You create your flight plan and the MFS2020 can then enter everything automatically on the clipboard or tablet. This way you have all information in one place during the flight.

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Oh, and remembering long vatsim taxi clearance routes would be a cool feature too, as writing that down in a VR headset or remembering it is going to be a royal PITA. :slight_smile:


Yes, for example a groundplan from the airport where you see your plane moving in realtime (gps). The ATC can implement your taxi route on this device and the horrible big blue taxi signs are no more needet.

There are so many things that can make the handling easyier. And unprofessional windows like the fuel/carriage or this ugly vfr map…uuurrrgh! Gone!
Allso the insim flightplanner to edit things/waypoints before departure. Then you don’t have to quit flight and go to the main menue. For those who are not deep in the hobby to use simbrief or the fmc.
Like i sayed earlier.
PDF Flight plans from simbrief or whatever. For those, like me, who have not the money for navigraph every month…

*okay…the fuel/carriage page is okay, if you call the fuel truck via ATC

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to externalize views is just necessary :

  • for people who want to create a flight-sim-home-cockpit , just a feature of each real flight-sim
  • for people who can not read a 4x4cm (1.5 inch) big garmin and not want to to each time a zooming-orgie
  • for what else

to externalize the whole device, not only the view of it ( compare xplane, prep…3d ) is just necessary :

  • again: for people like me, which not want to click a 5mm buttons ( 0.2 inch ) , if airplane moves then tried it x-times to hit this damm**** button, more worst if the button must rotatet… … rest see above

Note to Developers (3rd-party or MS/Asobo):
Besides “apps” (IOS and/or Android) for use on tablets, don’t forget that there are Windows-10 tablets out there too. Any app or (pardon the old-fashioned traditional terminology) “computer program” which is to be developed needs to accommodate multiple architectures nowadays. (Thank you, Apple, for that permanent burden).:smirk:

No, seriously, it would seem that a path of development of porting instrument panels and display screens to client networked tablets and laptops, etc. is a viable avenue of development and marketing strategy. Considerably so as an opportunity for 3rd-party start-up prospects, for those who have time on their hands in these continuing days of work-at-home conditions.

check out airmate for android/ios. It’s free, connects to FS2020 and has pretty much everything you mentioned. (edit: hmm, didn’t realize we are talking virtual stuff)

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Check out fs panel on app store.

…not compatible to MSFS…
On their website the last compatible product is FSX

It works, fs panel server plus app. Gives me map, autopilot controls plus loads more…free with ads or pay to remove

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I coming from Xplane and heavy avitabs user in VR with vatsim and a graphic tablet, j think that the most urgent now would be to have a kind of pdf. Viewer in the sim (VR compatible).

That would allow us to display real ICAO VFR or IFR charts


Up, please avitab for FS2020, is one of the most urgent mod we need.


Yes ! Please ASOBO !!! We need a tablet or something to read charts in VR without spending our time taking off the headset…

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Seems that a solution came today!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for that link.
The flybywire A32NX Dev. Version got a EFB now.
I hope this will get in the right way in future…