No Track IR after update 7

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After update 7 track ir does not work.
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Track IR leds are blue and green which is good. But in game the track IR cant be used anymore
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Track IT 4.0
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Update 7

Simply reboot the pc and it works. There apparently is also a slider now in the options sections - if the track ir gets interupted a slider turns track ir off - you only need to flip the slider back to on and it works!

There is also a toggle for head tracking
I had to assign before it would work.

Before, it just worked

I hoped it was that simple but still, Track IR does not work. Before the update i flew the 747 for an hour without any problems. Update to 7 and Track IR stopped working.
In the option menu there are no binds for Track IR, its all empty. Whatever keybinding i activate, Track IR is dead. The device itself works (green en blue led are lit).

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