No Update Checking

I am new to MS Flight Simulator 2020 - have Standard Edition (from Steam) unmodified.

Sim works great on all fronts, but no longer checks for updates when loading. This means I do not have the latest sim update (22nd December). I can see no obvious reason why this has happened from the systems point of view, I have a hi-end Windows 10 P.C.

Be grateful for any advice, can I force an update ?

Thanks Chris (North Wales U.K…)

Hi @TypedOsprey3950,
The update should come from Steam first. Check Steam for the update. That download should be around 1GB.

Also to note: Do not use the Steam “verify files” option on MSFS, this will cause MSFS to be uninstalled and a full download again.

Thanks for your reply & advice, will check Steam update status.


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