No Voices MSFS2020

Anyone have any ideas I get no voices what so ever? I made sure ATC is on in options also up top under the pilot icon the ATC voice is on? TIA

Check your Assistance Settings (in your pause menu… not the one from the in-flight toolbar) as well. If I remember correctly there’s an option under Piloting that has ATC voice options in there.

Yup did both and there both enabled.

What about your sound setting? There’s a feature from MSFS that you can split the Audio between the ATC voices to another audio device (like headset) while the rest of the audio go to your primary audio device (speakers).

Perhaps it was set to this split mode so the ATC voices doesn’t go through to your primary speakers. See if you can go to your Sound/General settings again and check to use the default/primary audio device mode.

Tried that and everything is set right! Anything else I can try? It’s really weird I get the voices from the pushback app I have etc but no ATC?

That’s because the pushback app is a completely separate voice logic than the ATC.

Have you also check that you’re online and use the Azure voice? You also need to make sure that you have the full and complete English (US) language pack installed in your Windows Language setting.

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