No VR bindings available, please Help

Hi there,
New to VR, I just finished installing my Headset and jumped into MSFS.
But when in the VR settings, that’s what I see, could somebody tell me how to bind my keys?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @INoooch ,

Please excuse me if I misunderstand your question and I’m telling you stuff that’s obvious! The VR key bindings are done like any others … just click on the function you want to assign, click the key/controller button you want to assign, then ‘VALIDATE’:

You don’t need to be in VR to do this - in fact, I’d say it’s much easier being in screen mode when setting things up. Also remember that you need to select the controller you want to assign in the banner across the top (keyboard, mouse, joystick etc.).

The real trick is to be very careful on which buttons you choose :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: You have to pick inputs that are not used anywhere else, and that can be easily found when you’re in VR. This last part is very much personal preference. Here are the ones I use (not suggesting this will suit you, just as an example…)

Activate/Deactivate VR: Keyboard - Space bar ( … I can find it with the headset on!)
Toolbar toggle: Mouse: Middle button (…after trying a lot of others … seems to work pretty well for me)
Camera, VR camera reset: Joystick - trigger (easy to find and with no guns … well, what else is it for)

As you see, the functions are spread out, so depends what controllers you have and how you like to use them.

Hope this helps. happy flying!

Sorry if it was unclear, the problem is I can’t click on these binding to define new ones, they are greyed out!

You need to go into the control settings to set the assignments not where you have shown them in your screen-shot, think of that as just a quick reference. HTH.

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great thks!