NO VSYNC- 30FPS Lock + Locking MONITOR Refresh

Hi there,
Like many people these days I own a 144hz/160oc Monitor.

When locking my frame rate to 30FPS with the in-game settings - SHOULD I lock my Monitors Refresh Rate to 30FPS when disabling VSYNC with the in-game settings?

I have read others using 3rd party apps to lock their monitors refresh rate in order to get smoother game play when disabling Vsync and locking to 30FPS with the in-game settings?

Is this the correct way to get smoother results - as in must make your monitors refresh rate the same as lock in-game FPS when disabling Vsync?

What app can someone recommend to lock my monitor to 30FPS? Windows and Nvida don’t seem to give me that option.

  1. Set monitor refresh rate to 30hz via nvidia app or windows display settings
  2. In Flight sim, turn Vsync ON @ 60
  3. Optional: set Nvidia app Vertical Sync to Fast ; Texture Filter to Quality and Power management to maximum performance.
  4. Never look at fps monitor again and just enjoy the flight.

Unfortunately I do not have those options which is why I followed a guide using Rivatuner. My lowest options via NVidia Panel and windows is 60. I am running a 144hz montior. Truth be told I just bought a 32:9 tonight as well. lol none the less this is useful info.

Oddly enough I was able to correct my game play but going to copy and past your recommendation which was pretty much the same as the guide I followed earlier today - minus step one. For that they showed how to use Rivatuner statistics.

Thank You.

I can’t understand the logic of buying a 144hz monitor and set it to 30hz at the nvidia control panel

Some monitors dont have gsync that can adjust the refresh rate automatically. My rule of thumb to get smooth frames is to set Refresh rate as follows:

Current FPS - 5 (for headroom)

But since no pc can maintain 60FPS IN ANY SCENERY OR PLANE on ultra 4k, 30hz is the next refresh rate available for those that dont have gsync.

My monitor is the ViewSonic XG2405 144 Hz and my graphics card is the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060, 6GB GDDR6. and my CPU is Intel® Core™ i7-9700 (8-Core/8-Thread 12M Cache, 4.7GHz Processor.
Will MSFS 2020 run smoothly at 144HZ then?