No waypoints/VORs/NDBs at all

Does anyone know why i can not input any waypoint manually to mcdu/fms? I can’t do this in TBM930, DA40NG, and also A320N. I haven’t tried in other aircrafts.

Yes… My community folder is empty.

I can input the departure and arrival airports, but I can’t input the route, neither the SID and STAR. Seems like my sim doesn’t recognize any of those…

Can you help, please? Thanks before…

Oh it works alright. Can confirm for A320 and TBM.

Do you want to post a screenshot or video on how you are going about it? Might be easier to identify a solution to your problem.

Anything else installed eg via Content Manager or a former Navigraph installation?

If you have previously had the Navigraph nav data package installed, and manually removed it from your community folder, then you end up with broken nav data configuration in the sim that can cause things like this. (To avoid it in future, only remove the navigraph nav data through Navigraph’s little manager app! Don’t remove it manually.)

If this is the case, then remove (or rename to a backup!) the Config.xml file in the folder above Packages\Community; it will be regenerated with defaults and should restore the default nav data configuration.

Otherwise, no idea what it could be… good luck!


Ho ho ho… You’ve made my day, mate! It works again… I did delete the navigraph folders as you mentioned above. But I had those backup in other drive.
After I move again in my community folder, it works again like a charm! Thanks for your great advice. Many thanks!!

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