Non aircraft vehicles on ramps

Hi all,

I have been working on my local airport in the sim. Mostly everything is there and function correctly at this point.

However, my and parking are spawning buses and other non-aircraft vehicles. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

You can make the parking spaces mil combat or mil cargo, but I think that also removes all ground services so that might not be what you want.

I’ve seen some people experiment with .cfg files to change this but I haven’t investigated myself.

You’ll want to investigate the “Airport Services” and “Living World Config” sections of the SDK.

They’ve added quite a bit of documentation to it. Definitely check out their section on what NOT to do.
There are samples in the SDK samples directory. I’ve been searching for a way to make them airport specific as it seems as though if poorly written, they take over the whole sim to a degree depending on how it was written. But I think I may have come up with a solution. I’m thinking the combination of the ICAO filenaming option and a unique name for the

<ParkingSpace  name ="RAMP GA SMALL" MinParkingSpaces="0">

line from the sample Airport Services, change it to something like

<ParkingSpace  name ="RAMP GA SMALL ICAO" MinParkingSpaces="0">

might make it unique to just your airport, along with naming your files AirportServices\icao\Services.xml
and LivingWorld_Config\icao_LWcfg.xml

Renaming the ParkingSpace I’m hoping will allow other airports to use the default files.

(where obviously icao is replaced with your airports icao designation).

I haven’t fully tested it yet. I’m still doing another in depth read of the sections since they’ve updated it with new information and even better examples.

Make sure, if you decide to include any services, that you use the correct path name to the services. In the past the SDK was giving incorrect paths. They corrected it though in the sample files.