Non G950 Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 versions are missing an ADF display

For the ADF I can’t do anything, but for the autopilot I can suggest this:

To access the autopilot on the Microsoft PC6 classic panel (not G950), place this mod in your Community Folder after unzipping.
Valid for both wheels and skis versions.

As there’s no A/P interface on the panel, to control it you can use the keyboard, or a dedicated interface like the Saitek/Logitech Multi Panel or the VKB FSM-GA, or a button box. The possibilities are near endless.
A slightly expensive but effective solution is a Stream Deck which like the Saitek/Logitech Multi Panel allows you not only to control the A/P but also to view its status.
A free solution also exists:

This app lets you control your A/P (and other things) and displaying its status on a second screen or another PC, but especially on an Android device. (Seems it works with iOS too).
Here’s a great use for that old smartphone or tablet sitting in your drawer.

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